Well Pump Service & Repair Service Is Our Specialty

Well Pump Service & Repair Service Is Our Specialty

We Sell, Install, Repair & Maintain Well Pumps

For those who rely on well pumps, having a well maintained, high-performance pump is necessary for uninterrupted water use. Tim’s Plumbing sells, installs, repairs and maintains a variety of well pumps in the greater Bangor areas. Call us anytime for a free well pump consultation. We’ll fix it right the first time.  

Signs Your Well Pump Needs Professional Help

If your home relies on a well for its main water supply, then a properly running well pump is critical. A maintained well pump can provide fresh water for years. It works steadily in the background of your everyday life without notice until the time comes when it starts to malfunction. Here are a few signs of a malfunctioning well pump to watch out for:

  • Dirty water
  • Loud or odd sounds
  • High electric bills
  • Spitting air from the faucet
  • Lose of pressure
  • Scalding shower water

Let Us Help You Choose The Right Well Pump

Our plumbing professionals are well pump experts and are ready to help you pick the right type of well pump for your unique needs. From submersibles to jet pumps, we’re trained to sell, install, repair and maintain most types of well pumps. Listed here are different types of well pumps we’re experienced with. 

  • Submersible Pumps – vertical turbine, mechanical, rotary, and DC electric pumps, placed beneath water level  
  • Jet Pumps – located above ground, usually in a basement 
  • Deep Well Pumps – placed 30 to 75 feet deep
  • Shallow Well Pumps –  placed about 25 feet deep

Costs Associated With Well Pumps

Not all well pumps are the same, which means each well pump estimate is slightly different. The best way to get an accurate price for your particular job is to contact us for a free estimate. When you do, a plumbing professional will evaluate your situation and give you a competitively priced estimate. You can count on us to give you fair, and honest pricing. It’s just what we do, after all, service is our specialty.  

Tim’s Plumbing is a full service, fully licensed and insured plumbing company, serving the greater Bangor area. Contact us today! 

Well Pump Maintenance Plans

No matter what type of well pump you hire us to install or repair, the professionals at Tim’s Plumbing are here to serve. We’re ready to help keep your well pump running smoothly with a custom-designed maintenance plan just right for you. Contact us today for a free well pump maintenance plan consultation.  

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Service is out specialty. We'll fix it right the first time.

The Greater Bangor Areas Best
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Service is out specialty. We'll fix it right the first time.

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